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Tomislav Lang

expert in


Jörg Oberhofer

expert in

Crew Training


Marko Lang

expert in

Project management

Anton Lutz

expert in

Business Analytics

Aviation Management

Robert Broermann

expert in

Turn-around management

Diana Lang

expert in

On board product

Hospitality & Service

Rene Moser

expert in


Business Organization

Adrian Grossniklaus

expert in

Flight Operations & Crew training

Our experts are proven professionals in the fields of airlines, tourism and private aviation.
Our experience ranges from start-ups, cooperation and leadership in small and medium-sized companies to the size of the group.
We are offering more than just consultancy. In addition to the analysis and the fulfillment of conceptual and strategic tasks that are performed on your behalf, we work actively in your company to share our knowledge with you and achieve the shared goals in a sustainable way.