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our motivation


LAVEX supports all daily challenges, large and small projects - quickly, individually and in a sensible ways that is practical.

Entrepreneurship, tourism and aviation are our DNA. Our father Josip Lang already led strategic and operational projects for scheduled and charter airlines in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he founded his own company and built the tourist market - including Croatia, today's northern Macedonia and Slovenia .


After initial professional steps in the family business, we have gained vast experience in the past 20 year in airlines, aviation handling services, travel agencies, tour operators, airports and business aviation. We habe shaped and worked in various operational positions, middle and top management. We have successfully set up start-ups, managed companies and sustainably developed corporations and SMEs.


Today we assist and shape tourism,airport, aviation and airline companies with our many years of experience, our broad knowledge and above all our passion for success.


We work with experts and partners who have proven to have the same flexible and innovative mindset as us. This allows us to quickly and efficiently participate in projects, bring ideas and realize plans.

LAVEX provides

expert servises to

its aviation and tourism customers.

We support owners,

board members and executives pragmatically

in their daily work.

Together with a growing number of experts and renowned partners, we have

extensive experience,

in depth knowledge and a broad understanding of the entire aviation and tourism

value chain.

LangAviationExperts are industry experts specialized

in the field of aviaiton

and tourism.

The name Lang has been a recurring name

in the industry since 1980.

We are your source

for quality, precision,

practical solutions and